west los angeles towing service

In West Los Angeles Towing Services we offer nothing but the best to our customers. With the most highly rated certified technicians and great prices you will never go wrong with choosing our tow company. We have many services available to our customers to make sure that you are always on the go.

west los angeles towing serviceWe have two types of tow trucks, One is the wheel lift which is the most used by our customers, the wheel lift picks up the vehicle from either the two front wheels or the two rear wheels.For example you will need a wheel lift if your vehicle will not go into neutral but we would also use extra equipment such as dollies to lift the car and make sure its not being dragged on the ground. The flat bed maximizes the safety from any damages to the vehicle, the flat bed picks up the vehicle from the ground and it is put on the bed of the tow truck to make sure its safe.

We can tow about any type of vehicle from light duty, medium duty tow, and heavy duty tow. Either if your vehicle has been in accident or simply its not drive able we can tow it at a great price,

when you vehicle is stuck somewhere such as dirt, mud, grass etc. we can pretty much winch out anywhere the vehicle is stuck.

Not only do we have tows and winch out services but we also have roadside assistance available to our customer whether your out of gas we can deliver gas to you, or you need a jump start, or you accidentally left your keys inside the car, or you don’t have all the equipment or you don’t know how to change a tire we can change it for you, or your battery is completely dead then we are available to do a battery replacement.

Want another reason on why you should choose us when needing a tow truck in west LA la well from the moment you speak to one of our great dispatcher, and you meet with our technicians until the end of your service you will be 100% satisfied with going with our company so what are you waiting for give us a call today and you will not be disappointed.

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week available to help our customers at any time of the day whether its 7 am or 2 am we are open to service our customers. giving our customers a peace of mind knowing there is a tow truck out there to help you and keep your life on the go. With our affordable rates why wouldn’t you want to call us. So call us now at (310) 513-5499. To receive great service.


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